Traditional Cooking Tip: Traditional cooks only use eggs from pasture raised chickens.

I am so lucky when it comes to eggs. A friend of mine raises chickens and I buy my eggs directly from her. I love her eggs. I don’t just get chicken eggs, but also turkey eggs and sometimes goose eggs. Here’s a short clip of Fountain Spring Farm. This was 2 years ago and has greatly expanded now to include a cow, a goat, a pig, and peacocks (and yes I get their eggs too).

What’s the best egg? Traditional cooks, that is cooks that use traditional, “old fashioned” methods of cooking and baking, only use pasture-raised eggs. Cage free may sound impressive but, well, not so much. Check this out!


What’s the difference between pasture raised and cage free? Pasture raised must have at least 108 square feet of outdoor space to roam. Cage free have less than 1 square foot of space, typically inside.

Other reasons to buy pasture raised eggs? When compared with eggs from chickens fed traditional feed, pasture raised eggs have…

  • twice as much omega-3 fat
  • three times more vitamin D
  • four times more vitamin E
  • seven times more beta-carotene

What about other eggs?

Here is a picture comparing different types of eggs, along with a scale. Always buy the best eggs you can afford. It’s worth paying a little more for good quality eggs.


Here, Dr. Sam Robbins discusses the different types of eggs, and which one to buy.

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