Welcome to my kitchen!

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen! This is a sister site to my main business page Purple Almond Wellness! While my main business site is devoted to brain health and whole body wellness, the Kitchen is devoted to whole food recipes and food tips to keep your brain and body healthy.

So, what will you find on this site? I’ll be sharing my trials and tribulations in the kitchen. Telling you about food/kitchen products I’ve tried. Post healthy, whole food recipes and tips. I’ll be reposting healthy recipes I find from other bloggers. Last but certainly not least, I’ll be posting a regular series called My Pioneer Cookbook Adventures. This is a series that I started on my old blog, The Purple Almond, and will continue on this blog. In this series, I prepare recipes from vintage or antique cookbooks, share the recipe and my experiences preparing it.

I hope you all will enjoy my new site. Cooking is a huge passion of mine, which I am so excited to share with all of you.

Until next time…Namaste my friends,

Tamara Hoerner

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